Skinner Releasing Technique,  Beginner Classes 1-4, Creative Continuum in Nature, 22-26 May, Pastoral Valley


We are all born with natural elegancy as dancers to perform our activities with harmony and order. As time goes by we start losing our relation with this part of our inner self. Our muscles strain unreasonably and we start losing our alignment. Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) teaches us to let go: Let of of stress, let go of unnecessary weight lifting in our body, let go of our prejudices, let go of being afraid to be unsuccessful and let go of the belief that our body is not designed to dance. We let go of what we are accustomed to and let in the new. Eventually we find energy and power. We find our natural harmony, strength and flexibility and evoke the creativity within.
Instructor: Bahar Vidinlioğlu
Dates: 22-26 May 2019

Payment: 1000 TL + VAT

This retreat has a 50% discount for university students under the age of 23 and participants of the “200 Hours Teachers Training Program” starting on 16 March 2019.


In Pastoral Valley there are 5 double (one bedroom, bathroom and living room), 4 four-person (two bedrooms, bathroom and living room) tree house for accommodation. Also there are 2 stone houses for 4 people, 1 stone house for 2 people, 2 adobe houses for 4 people. All are heated with a nostalgic stove and there is hot water.It is advisable to book your camp early, as there are a total of 30 persons space in the camp in total.

The accommodation fee is 540TL. The accommodation fee is paid separately at the camping area. This price includes breakfast and dinner.