IFEELYOGA is a brand name founded by Faruk Kurtuluş. Under that name he is organising various Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Yoga retreats in different places of the world.

Faruk’s yoga journey began in 2002 in Istanbul. Taking various teacher trainings, family constellations and trauma theraphy trainings, consulting trainings, capturing different points of views, broadened Faruk’s scope of teaching yoga. He began running his own retreats in 2010 and teacher training courses in 2012. He established his own brand IFEELYOGA in 2014.

Under that name Faruk is combining in his trainings yoga asanas with dance meditation, family constellation and somatic group practices about relationships. This method is opening a door to feel “yoga” the union, in every moment of the life.

After 21 years of self inquiry his first 5-minute short film “We Can Only Meet Again”, which he shot in 2019, was screened in many film festivals in America and Europe. He received awards in the categories of Best Director in Florence, Best Romance Short in Rome, and best short film in Milan.

His last short film “Wisteria My Love”, which he completed in November 2021, was screened at the 75th Salerno Film Festival, which is the 2nd oldest Film Festival in Italy, and at the 22nd Izmir Short Film Festival in the same month. Then it was screened at Lisbon “Sunday Shorts” Film Festival, in Italy “Signs Of Night” Film Festival and in Mexico “Taxco” Film Festival. 

In addition to the trainings he gives, he is currently working on new film projects about nature.