Early Bird!
Early Bird!
Early Bird!

Faruk Kurtuluş

Faruk has been working in the fields of yoga, family constellation, and trauma sensitivity for 23 years and has been a yoga-based trainer for 14 years.

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SOONEST YOGA RETREAT  7-14 April Bali / Amed

This camp, where we will deepen in yoga and meditation practice with the support of Bali island exquisite nature, is open to everyone!


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Want to Work Privately?

Private Classes

You can improve your practice in a safe and effective way, look at the deepening details and learn new flows with one-to-one practice in the lessons specially designed for every age, body type and experience level!

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Private Retreats

Take classes designed for your body in the morning and evening at the yoga camps we have specially designed for you. Enjoy the sun, sea, earth, wind.

Rejuvenate with the nutrition program we have specially developed for you!

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Private Sessions

If there is a special topic or question that you want to focus on during the sessions, we can focus on that direction.You can see private sessions as a time period that offers a holistic perspective, increases tolerance, relaxes the nervous system, and thus makes you feel good in the whole picture.

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