Pose and Movement

Grafikli bir duvarın önünde bir yoga pozu  #vrksasana.

Yoga is not about the postures, but to be one with the action. That’s why I prefer to emphasize the word “movement” rather than “pose” in yoga practice. Because the word pose gives a static feeling. Movement is the action itself.


We are always in action. When entering a pose, we enter through movement. This continues even when we seem to be standing still. The flow of our breath, our heartbeats, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the glands… The movement continues constantly.


As long as we live, there is movement. Being one with action means being one with life. Life itself is movement. Only death is related to inactivity. When I went to say goodbye to the deep green eyes of grandmother for the last time, I looked at her with astonishment that she was just standing there, not breathing. As I looked, my mind created an image of the movement as if my grandmother were breathing. As I looked closer, I realized there was no movement. Then I looked into her eyes. Those deep, meaningful green eyes that were shining brightly and always had little movements inside them… They weren’t looking at me that way now.

If we don’t search for miracles in very strange things, we would appreciate life more. Every action is a miracle. It reflects the soul. All our laughter and tears are filled with small or big actions. In the moments when we express ourselves and when we can not. Because life wants to find expression. The more we know its value, the greater our expression becomes.

Doing the Pose as a Tool, Not a Purpose

Postures, when viewed from the outside, it can create the impression that it is something dull and static. It can also create prejudice in those who do not have much knowledge on these issues. Either you want to do it too much; or maybe you get scared and run away. That’s why I felt the need to write this article.


Take the pose as an invitation. It is a symbol in which direction we will do an inquiry and in which direction we will “MOVE”. Everyone finds their own unique shape and expression within their own body integrity.

Continuity Feature

The pose is a short slice of time. The end of an action feels like its destination. Movement, on the other hand, includes continuity, including pose. When we become one with it, we begin to understand that there is no destination.

From Result-Oriented Mindset to the Awareness of The Moment

Thus, the result-oriented structure of the mind begins to dissolve. We become aware of subtle details im between transitions. This situation supports us to be aware of the action at every moment of life and to live with feeling everything we do.

Experiencing This Understanding in Practice

Also, it would be great if you could experience this understanding in practice. If you want, you can attend our classes on weekdays or weekends. Thus, what you read does not remain in concept.