Weekday Morning Classes

50,00 3.000,00 

Yoga class every morning (Monday-Friday) between 07:30-08:30 on 6-24 June.

Between 6-10 June, 13-17 June and 20-24 June.

To participate, you must be a 200 Hour Education graduate.

Mondays – Backbends

Tuesdays- Forward bends

Wednesdays – Twists

Thursdays – Inversions

Fridays-  Potpurri sequence

You can complete your registration with the donation option suitable for you between 1000 TL and 3000 TL. The price you choose includes 15 morning lessons.

If your means are comfortable, you can consider making your registration from high numbers.

Thus, we can maintain these opportunities for a longer term for people who have difficulties in their conditions.

We will also be happy if you share it with your relatives who may benefit from it.

See you!