IFY Weekends 11:00-12:15


ONLINE on Saturday and Sunday mornings from 11:00 to 12:15!

Open to all experience levels. Fun and effective IFY ALL LEVELS Series that work every part of the body!

By registering for our 200 Hours Teacher Training Program with Faruk Kurtuluş, which will start on November 24, you can participate in this program and all other online programs continuously and without paying any other fees until March 31, 2024.

Click for details of our 200 Hours Program ! 200 HOURS

There are 3 different options depending on your budget to sign up for monthly and weekend classes only. We have presented it with different options so that everyone can participate.

Your registration is 1.500, 3.000 or 4.500 TL + VAT.

You can register by choosing whichever option suits you best. You can make your payment with EFT or credit card installment options.

If your conditions are suitable, you can support us to continue this system by making your choice from the high numbers.

Whatever your choice, you will attend the same classes.