Infinity in Duality

ikilik, ilişkiler

I feel the need to point out that the article about true wealth is a continuation of my previous article about relationships. Therefore, if you want, you can continue after reading my previous article.

Human is a creature that should never be alone, except when he/she especially wants to be alone. He/she should only be able to be alone whenever he/she wants, in the comfort zone of his/her relationship.

Mirror Metaphor

Because just as two eyes enable us to see depth, our lives become deeper when we are two people. When we are alone, we only see what we can see. The second person reflects us and adds depth. The number of things we see about ourselves begins to increase. In fact, it multiplies so much that it can expand indefinitely. This is like two mirrors placed opposite each other, reflecting each other infinitely.


Of course, for this to happen, both people must have a passion to see themselves. That’s why I think equality in relationships is very valuable. Those who grow up together, experience tremendous richness in their lives. They live in a state where materiality and spirituality are not separate from each other. Abundance comes to their lives in every sense.

Pains and Pleasures

Problems happen, many experiences of pain and pleasure are experienced again. The attitude towards seeing all the dark and bright sides of each other and therefore of oneself, brings with it richness. The shared approach of two people who are passionate about feeling pains and pleasures brings abundance. This is actually a situation that brings wealth on its own. When the two mirrors are opposite each other, this situation increases exponentially.

These are situations that are experienced together in a slowly developing friendship. We go through situations where we know each other from ourselves. In this way, we can open up to relationships where we embrace each other and appreciate everything we experience.


This can also give many inspirations for creativity. You want to spontaneously express yourself and share your experiences. This creativity may also bring children, spontaneously, through love. You don’t do it just to have children.

When the child arrives this way, you raise him/her with love. It doesn’t have to be a child. You just need to have a passion for creating together. You grow together in everything you do.