Remaining a Seed – Blooming

This year, we will start our training with the earth element on April 3rd and continue with the elements of water, wind and fire in the following weeks.

In our training, where we will plant seeds of awareness in the body, the seeds we plant will grow and bloom thanks to your own practice, which will develop with what we have learned from the training and spread into your life; will begin to find expression.

The seed blooms because it takes risks. As a metaphor, the flower is perhaps the best example of finding your own expression and self-realization.

Elements in Nature

In this training, starting from the earth element, that is, the simplest form of presence and alignment details, we will move towards feeling the body in more detail and the intuitive field in the following weeks.

During the processing of the earth element, we will receive plenty of support from the water element. Otherwise, it can be a rigid approach, just like dehydrated soil. We benefit from all elements of nature in a balanced manner throughout education.

In order for our own expression to emerge in our lives like flowers and to realize ourselves, support will be provided in the simplest and most effective way to establish the mind-body connection with sensitivity throughout the training and thus to experience the unity of the intelligence of the body and the intelligence of life.

We are nearing the end of registration as we have recruited a total of 15 people to take care of everyone one-on-one. And this year we have a surprise. After completing the program, the participants of the program will stay in Bodrum for a full day and night, opening to the same terrace and garden but with separate entrances. Overnight accommodation in a room with bathroom; They have the right to practice with me that day and plant the seeds of their choice in the garden in the morning. Your continued practice; It can continue simultaneously with us watering your seed.

Tiny but unique

We are all a tiny part of a very big system. There is one of each seed. We are all valuable. And these seeds bloom; finding our expression; It is important for us to realize ourselves. Don’t postpone this.

We also have a small preliminary meeting to participate in the program. After this, we can register and reserve your place. Therefore, if you are considering participating, contact us as soon as possible.