Observe Your Body

Recently in a café after I came across my dear friend Gülşah we sat down and had a little chat. Whenever we come together our exchanges are filled with high energy and beauty, she is a precious friend to me.

As we had not seen each other for a while we chatted about the happenings and developments in our lives. After a certain moment I realized that our conversation took long and I started to feel tired. In fact Gülşah did not seem very happy either. Also, being bored from the environment, I suggested changing the venue. We got up and started to walk toward the tea garden in Maçka Park.

I had my bicycle with me, and Gülşah her orange sun umbrella. We were indeed, quoting her expression, an “interesting duo”.

Once at the park I gave her my bicycle so she could have a little round with it. I sat in the little tea garden and ordered a weak tea. After Gülşah did her tour around the park, she came and sat down next to me. She also wanted a weak tea, so I gave her mine and ordered another one. We started talking again, however, this time a little bit slower. Such a pace of talk was better, yet not enough. Just when she was telling me about a new dance technique she learned, I exclaimed “Don’t tell me about it. Let us just do it!” We got up from where we were and together stared slowly, like playing a game, to do what she was telling me to do. While being in motion we were observing the body sensations. Doing yoga for years helps to get body awareness and enables to get into the movement easily. Suddenly the environment changed. Our energies rose and every movement became more enjoyable. At first the people around us were a little puzzled, but when they saw that we were experimenting some movements, they continued with their conversation where they left while sipping their teas. We just danced among those people.

When one of the tea garden’s employees, who know me for a very long time, passed us he had a lovely smile on his face. We smiled back and continued our dance. Later, when another employee whom I did no know came and took my tea, which I had not yet finished, and knocked over my bicycle, I stopped my dance and picked it up. We checked if the bicycle had any scratches, but no harm was done. Our dance ended this way. Nevertheless, our moods remained unspoiled. Having worked with our bodies in a joyful manner we sat on our small stools at our small table. We stayed a little quiet. During this quiet moment we realized once more that when two friends come together, sharing their existence silently in that very moment is an enjoyable experience.

The body is always in the moment, therefore vivid. At any moment the body is noticeable. Even when you read this, you can observe the sensation in your body. The body lives in the moment. However, the mind is either in the past or in the future. That is why I love yoga. It simply provides the connection with the body, therefore the moment, and strengthens this bind over time. Strengthening the ties with the body enables us to feel it clearer and instead of being guided by the mind’s strategies, it is possible that our bodies become our guides. Thus, life is lived more spontaneously and joyfully.

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