Eyes Wide Open

Get rid of meditating images with stereotyped eyes closed. With closed eye or open eye, steady or moving, it is not important at all. Just as how you feel comfortable… In the simplest way, meditation means taking responsibility. To introvert the attention and starting to look at their selves, allows people to start taking responsibility. Therefore, as the shortest and most effective expression for meditation, we can say that it is the way to go into life, to see what is happening and to take responsibility of your life.


There are two ways:

Living with taking responsibility of your life or live as you are told.


Living with responsibility brings freedom with it. When you live by seeing the results that your actions reveal and to learn from them, you have the freedom to move the direction by guessing which way to move be good for you. You can have problems when you move. When you encounter these problems, you can still find your way by taking your own responsibility. The pursuing living by watching yourself, allows you to find your passion and go after it. When you follow your passion, your life is to be filled with excitement.


The opposite of living with taking responsibility is living as you are told. To live with complaining of what happened always comes with it. You always pass the buck. Continuingly to do what is being said means, living prison life. Even though you were able to live a free life, you can spend it by doing what it is told you. When you live like this, you start doing what you do as a task. This leads you to a life where you feel more and more machines. That’s how your whole life can go. The mind-body structure, which does not follow the path of its own happiness, creates its unhappiness.


No matter what happens; when you start to take responsibility of yourself, from now on, you are starting to feel better. This brings power and happiness with in.